New University of Lisbon, Portugal, 5-9th of May, 2008


Travel Information

In this page you will find information on how to get from the airport to FCT, where the Student Residence is, and to Costa da Caparica where the remaining accommodation is. You can also find information on how to commute between FCT and Costa da Caparica.

When you arrive at the Lisbon Airport

The Lisbon airport is located on the north bank of the Tagus River, while FCT and Costa da Caparica are located on the south bank. You can reach your accommodation by taxi or by public transport (bus + ferry).

By Taxi: There is a taxi stand just in front of the exit from the arrivals hall. You can take a taxi yourself, or you can buy a taxi voucher inside the arrivals hall (safer option). The price of  the voucher to FCT or to Costa de Caparica is € 30,54 during the day and € 36,65 in the night. The office is open from 7 AM till 24 PM every day. The personel will take you to your taxi and you won't have to deal with the taxi driver about money at all.

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By Public transport: This involves taking two buses and a ferry.

Bus from Airport to Cais do Sodré: Exit the arrivals hall and turn right. You will find two bus stops. Wait at the second one for one of these buses (All these buses have a final stop at Cais do Sodré, so you cannot miss your destination. The ride takes 25 - 40 minutes depending on which bus you take):

  • bus number 44 operates from 5:35 (6:30 on Sundays) until 20:40; you can buy the ticket from the driver for € 1,35
  • bus number 208 operates from 23:30 until 04:30; you can buy the ticket from the driver for € 1,35
  • bus number 91 is a special Airport shuttle bus and it operates from 7:00 until 23:00; you can buy the ticket from the driver for € 3,50

Ferry from Cais do Sodre to Cacilhas: The ferry station is close to the bus stop. A green line on the map marks the way from the bus stop to the ferry station building. The ferries from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas operate from 5:35 AM until 2:30 AM. The ticket costs € 0,75 in the machine or € 0,77 in the ticket office. You will also need to buy a rechargeable card for the ferry tickets. It costs € 0,50 and if you keep the receipt, it should be possible to return it in the ticket office at Cais do Sodré after the summer school and get your money back. It takes about 15 minutes for the ferry to cross the river.

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Bus from Cacilhas to FCT/Costa da Caparica: The bus station in Cacilhas is right in front of the ferry station. The TST bus number 124 (see timetable) goes directly to Costa de Caparica and it also stops at FCT, near the Student Residence. You can buy the ticket from the driver for € 2,60 (although some drivers will only ask for € 1,80).

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The stops where you want to exit are indicated on the map. Please note that the bus doesn't stop unless you indicate that you want to exit by pressing the Stop button. In case you are afraid of missing your stop, you can ask the driver in advance where you want to exit. The ride from Cacilhas to the student residence takes about 25 minutes.

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To Costa da Caparica it takes another 20 minutes. You can find the exact location of your hotel in the map, and the address in the accommodation page. The map also shows the two bus stops in Caparica.

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Commuting between FCT and Costa da Caparica

By Bus: TST bus number 124 (see timetable) runs every 15 minutes from Costa da Caparica to FCT (“Monte/Universidade” in the timetable). Bus stops in both directions are shown on the map. Some important words in Portuguese to understand the timetables: Partida = Departure; Chegada = Arrival; Horas = Hours; Domingos e Feriados = Sundays and Holidays; Sábados = Saturdays; Dias úteis = Working days (Monday to Friday); Percurso = Itinerary.

By taxi: You can call a taxi using one of the following numbers: Cooperativa Táxis Almada +351 21 259 6768; Ratalma +351 21 275 4194; Expresso Táxis +351 21 295 2279. The ride takes about 10 minutes.

By shuttle: EASSS will run a small shuttle in the morning from Costa da Caparica to FCT, and in the evening from FCT to Costa da Caparica. More details concerning this shuttle will be sent to participants by email.


Below you can find a map of FCT with indication of the entrance to the buildings relevant to EASSS'08. When you arrive for the first time, you should proceed to the Registration Desk, located in Building IV, outside rooms 203-IV and 204-IV. All necessary information will then be provided to you.

The Google maps above have a blue marker pointing to the entrance to building IV.