New University of Lisbon, Portugal, 5-9th of May, 2008



EASSS'08 will take place at the Science and Technology Faculty of the New University of Lisbon, located on the south bank of the Tagus River, near the beautiful beaches of Caparica. You can find information on how to reach Caparica and FCT here.

Costa da Caparica belongs to the Almada council, located on the south bank of the river Tagus where magnificent sandy beaches stretch south for nearly 30 kilometres from Caparica to Cabo Espichel. Big areas of eucalyptus, pine-trees and acacia-trees spread along the white, fine sands. But Costa da Caparica is more than beaches and huge areas of white sands, although this is the first thing you'll remember when you think of it.

Costa da Caparica also holds a market between Tuesdays and Sundays where fishermens wives and farmers cry out their products There are exquisite fish restaurants where you can taste fresh and unusual dishes and beach cafes with all night animation.

On the cliff above the beach with its brightly-coloured sardine boats, stands an old Capuchin Monastery originally founded in 1558.

During the summer months, you can hire a small tent on the beach to get some shadow when the temperatures are too high or take a ride on an open-carriage railway that runs for 10 km along the beaches of the Costa da Caparica.

A major project to requalify Costa da Caparica's beach front is being carried out at the moment. This will restrict access to the beach for a period of time, but the result is expected to fully explore Costa da Caparica's true potential.



The New University of Lisbon was established in 1973 and is the youngest of the three public universities of Lisbon, in Portugal. It was created as part of a program of expansion and diversification in higher education in Portugal and was a response to an ever increasing demand for higher education in the city and surrounding areas of Lisbon.

The Summer School will be hosted at the Science and Technology Faculty Campus which is located in the town of Monte de Caparica on the southern bank of the Rio Tejo (Tagus River), approximately twelve kilometers from the center of Lisbon and four kilometers from the seaside town of Costa de Caparica. Participants can enjoy the rich cosmopolitan atmosphere of Lisbon as well as the attractions of a quiet, Atlantic Ocean resort.