João Leite is integrated member of the Nova Laboratory for Informatics and Computer Science (NOVA LINCS) since its foundation in 2015, before that, integrated member of the Center for Artificial Intelligence (CENTRIA), since 2002, and associate member since its foundation in 1997.

His primary research interests include:

 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

 Argumentation Theory

 Multi-Agent Systems

 Artificial Intelligence

 Answer-Set Programming

He has published several papers, authored and co-edited several books, organized several scientific events and participated in several projects.

He is founding member of the International Workshop Series on Computational Logic in Multi-Agents Systems (CLIMA) Steering Committee, the Workshop Series on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies (DALT) Steering Committee and the Multi-Agent Logics, Languages, and Organisations — Federated Workshops (MALLOW) Steering Committee. He has been promoter of the AgentLink III Technical Forum Group on Programming Multi-Agent Systems (PROMAS TFG). He is member of IFIP TC-12 Artificial Intelligence.


He is member/senior member/chair of the Program Committee of the following scientific meetings:

AAAI’17, AAMAS’17 (Senior PC), IJCAI’17, EPIA’17, EMAS’17, IJCAI’16 (Senior PC), AAAI’16, KR’16, AAMAS’16 (Senior PC), ECAI’16, JELIA’16, EMAS’16, PRIMA’16, TAASP’16, STAIRS’16, LAMAS’16, ONTOLP’16, IJCAI’15 (Senior PC), AAAI’15, AAMAS’15, ICLP’15, EPIA’15, EMAS’15, EUMAS’15, ASPOCP’15, PRIMA’15, LAMAS’15, TAFA’15, ONTOLP’15KR’14 , AAMAS’14, ECAI’14, JELIA’14 (PC Chair), CLIMA XV, ReactKnow’14, PRIMA’14, Autosoft’14, STAIRS’14 (PC Chair), AIWK’14, IBERAMIA’14, EMAS’14 , LAMAS’14 , ASPOCP’14, IJCAI’13 (Senior PC), AAMAS’13 (Senior PC), EUMAS’13, ICLP’13 , CLIMA XIV (PC Chair), EMAS’13 , LAM’13 , EPIA’13 , ASPOCP’13 , WISA’13 , WESAAC’13, AutoSoft’13 , KR’12 , ECAI’12 , AAMAS’12 , CLIMA XIII , ESWC’12  , EUMAS’12, DALT’12 , ProMAS’12, AOSE’12, LAMAS’12, LAM’12, IBERAMIA’12, AAMAS’11 (Senior PC), IJCAI’11 (Senior PC), AOSE’11, ASPOCP’11, CLIMA XII (PC Chair), EUMAS’11, DALT’11, LAM’11, EPIA’11, Log-IC’11, LPMAS’11, ProMAS’11, AGERE!’11, ECAI’10, NMR’10, EUMAS’10, CLIMA XI (PC Chair), AT2AI-7, LAMAS’10, LAM’10, LADS’010 (PC Chair), DALT’10, PROMAS’10, AOSE’10, AAMAS’09 , EUMAS’09 , LAM’09, AOSE’09 , IAT’09, EPIA’09, LADS’009 (PC Chair), MASTS’09, AAMAS’08, AAAI’08, IAT’08, CLIMA IX, PROMAS’08 , AOSE'08 , AT2AI'08, EUMAS'08, IJWCC’08, Iberagents’08, NMR’08 (Special Session Chair), EUMAS'07, EPIA’07, IJWCC’07, LADS’007 (PC Chair), IAT’07, CLIMA VIII, PROMAS’07, ECAI’06, IAT’06, JELIA’06, IJWCC’06, Iberagents’06, CLIMA VII , PROMAS’06, EPIA’05, IAT'05, IJWCC’05, CLIMA VI, AAMAS’05, PROMAS’05, JELIA’04 (PC Chair), CLIMA V (PC Chair), DALT’04 (PC Chair), AAMAS’04, PROMAS’04, IJWCC’04, CLIMA IV (PC Chair), EPIA’03, DALT’03 (PC Chair), SST’03, AGP’02, CLIMA’02 (PC Chair).

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