New University of Lisbon, Portugal, 5-9th of May, 2008



Cover (pdf)
Front Matter (pdf)
Introduction to Multiagent Systems (Michael Luck) (additional material pdf1 pdf2)
Logics for Multiagent Systems (John-Jules Ch. Meyer) (pdf)
Agent Swarms Generating Short-term Forecasts and Increasing Situational Awareness (Paul Valckenaers) (pdf)
Trust and Reputation in Multiagent Systems (Guillaume Muller and Laurent Vercouter) (pdf)
Service Oriented Agents (Benjamin Hirsch) (pdf)
Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design (Paul Harrenstein and Matthijs de Weerdt) (pdf)
Wireless Sensor Networks and Multiagent Systems (Eric Platon and Danny Weyns) (pdf)
Foundations of Institutions (Marina De Vos, Marc Esteva and Julian Padget) (pdf)
Agents and Arguments (Sanjay Modgil) (pdf)
Computational Complexity in Multiagent Systems (Edith Elkind and Evangelos Markakis) (pdf)
Planning in Multiagent Systems (Matthijs de Weerdt and Cees Witteveen) (pdf)
What Coalitions Can Achieve (Juergen Dix and Wojtek Jamroga) (pdf)
Agent Oriented Software Engineering (Onn Shehory) (pdf)
Automated Negotiations in Electronic Markets (Nicola Gatti) (pdf)
Agent Based Simulation for Social Studies (Luis Antunes and Federico Cecconi) (pdf)
Normative Multiagent Systems (Guido Boella, Davide Grossi and Leon van der Torre) (pdf)