clima v

fifth workshop on computational logic in multi-agent systems

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accepted papers

  • a computational model for conversation policies for agent communication
    jamal bentahar, bernard moulin, john-jules ch. meyer, brahim chaib-draa

  • an application of global abduction to an information agent which modifies a plan upon failure - preliminary report -
    ken satoh

  • coordination between logical agents
    chiaki sakama, katsumi inoue

  • organising software in active environments
    michael fisher, benjamin hirsch, chiara ghidini, paolo busetta

  • planning partially for situated agents
    paolo mancarella, fariba sadri, giacomo terreni, francesca toni

  • contextual taxonomies
    davide grossi, frank dignum, john-jules meyer

  • dynamic logic for plan revision in intelligent agents
    m. birna van riemsdijk, frank s. de boer, john-jules ch. meyer

  • graded bdi models for agent architectures.
    ana casali, lluís godo, carles sierra

  • verifying protocol conformance for logic-based communicating agents
    matteo baldoni, cristina baroglio, alberto martelli, viviana patti, claudio schifanella

  • solving collaborative fuzzy agents problems with clp(fd)
    susana muñoz hernández, jose manuel gómez pérez

  • inferring trust
    mehdi dastani, andreas herzig, joris hulstijn, leendert van der torre

  • declarative agent control
    antonis kakas, paolo mancarella, fariba sadri, kostas stathis, francesca toni

  • metareasoning for multi-agent epistemic logics
    konstantine arkoudas, selmer bringsjord

  • desire-space analysis and action selection for multiple dynamic goals
    david c. han, k. suzanne barber

  • dynamic logic programming: various semantics are equal on acyclic programs
    martin homola

  • from logic programs updates to action description updates
    josé julio alferes, federico banti, antonio brogi