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fifth workshop on computational logic in multi-agent systems

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about Lisbon

lisbon is an ancient city full of history and cultural traditions, where magnificent palaces, monuments, churches and museums abound. bordered by one of europe's widest rivers, the tagus, the city spreads across the slopes of seven hills and down to the ocean. lisbon has the mildest climate in europe and is blessed with a cool atlantic breeze and long hours of sunshine. add to that its cultural diversity, laid-back feel and architectural time warp, and you have one of the most enjoyable cities in europe - and also one of the most economical.

at its heart are wide, tree-lined avenues graced by art nouveau buildings, mosaic pavements and street cafes. seen from the river - one of the city's many great viewpoints - lisbon is an impressionist picture of low-rise ochre and pastel, punctuated by church towers and domes.


legend has it that lisbon was founded by ulysses name comes from "olissipo", which has its origins in the phoenician words "allis ubbo", meaning "enchanting port". find out more...


lisbon is a city of many places to see, and lots of atmosphere to catch. find out more...


lisbon also offers a wide variety of museums. find out more...

city walks

the best way to experience lisbon's intimacy is to walk around it. find out more...



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