All software here is dedicated to the public domain, but comes with no guarantee, implied or otherwise, as to fitness for any purpose.


You can download Chemera and BiGGER from the Chemera page here. Please note that this version of Chemera and BiGGER is no longer supported or under development. It will be replaced by the Open Chemera Library, which will eventually include the Chemera and BiGGER source code.

Open Chemera Library

This will eventually be the open-source version of Chemera, BiGGER and PSICO, along with other utilities related to my research. However, it is still in the early stages as I rewrite and improve most of the code.

You can download the current version of the OCL from Github.


Utility for cataloguing books from barcode photos. Current version 0.19 beta (quick start guide here).

Updated on January, 28th (major bug fixed)

Lazarus/FPC source code available in the github repository.

Windows executable:

Debian executable (tested on Kubuntu 10.10):

GATA: Gestão de Alunos, Trabalhos e Avaliações

Esta é a versão 0.1, só com a parte de processamento das folhas de presença.

Manual de utilização, em pdf (ler isto primeiro), GATAManualV01.pdf

Arquivo com o executável: