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Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies (DALT)

AAMAS Workshop - Melbourne, 15 of July 2003

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  Call for Papers

Agent metaphors and technologies are ever more adopted to harness and govern the complexity of today’s systems. As a consequence, the growing complexity of agent systems calls for models and technologies that promote system predictability, and enable feature discovery and verification. Recent advances in the area of computational logics make declarative languages and technologies a mostly promising approach to the modeling and engineering of complex agent systems.

Formal methods and declarative technologies have recently witnessed a growing interest as a vehicle to address such issues.

DALT aims at fostering a discussion forum to export, on the one hand, such techniques into the broader community of agent researchers and practitioners and, on the other hand, to bring in the issues of real-world, complex, and possibly large-scale agent system design in the perspective of formal methods and declarative technologies.

DALT topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
bulletDeclarative agent communication and coordination languages
bulletKnowledge-based and knowledge-intensive MAS
bulletModeling of agent rationality
bulletDeclarative approaches to the engineering of MAS
bulletHigh level agent specification languages
bulletPractical aspects of declarative agent programming and implementation
bulletFormal methods for the specification and verification of MAS
bulletComputational logics in MAS
bulletArgumentation and dialectical systems in MAS
bulletDeclarative description of contracts and negotiation issues in MAS
bulletLessons learned from the design and implementation of MAS
bulletDeclarative paradigms for the combination of heterogeneous agents
bulletConstraints and MAS
bulletDeclarative representation of policies and security in MAS


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